Noctuelle™ Line

This Noctuelle™ Line, a genuine concentration of technology for ultra-targeted night-time efficiency.Lack of sleep, hectic lifestyle, daily aggression put a strain on skin everyday. Night after night, the Noctuelle™ Line range with its pleasant fragrance combines the power of anti-ageing stabilized vitamin C with the efficiency of oxygen-like nasturtium extract for visibly revived skin that appears resurfaced with youthful radiance in the morning.It is the ideal complement to the Youth serums & Youth creams protocol, whether alternative or simultaneously.

Renovative Night Cream


After a day subjected to aggression, the skin is visibly regenerated and benefits from the repairing power of the night to reveal visibly renewed skin, which appears rested and younger in the morning.

Renovative Micro Capsules Serum with Pure Vitamin C

Unique micro-capsules, which are plant-based and 100% biodegradable. Deliver the right amount of pure vitamin C (20%) to your skin, in a velvety-soft formula.

Resurfacing Micro Capsules Serum with Pure Retinol

The combination of a petal-soft feel and the proven efficiency of pure Retinol on ageing markers (wrinkles, elasticity and firmness).

Over several weeks, you can see increasing anti-wrinkle effectiveness on the appearance of your wrinkles* and your skin appears resurfaced