Youth Cream

Designed exclusively with βP3. Tri-complex™ – these innovative youth creams by SOTHYS Advanced Research combines two botanical active ingredients (Saffron and Sophora) with new generation peptides that serve a double action – fight oxidative stress and chronological ageing.

Wrinkle-targeting Youth Cream


Fine lines & wrinkles are visibly smoothen while maintaining the skin tone & preserving an even complexion. Innovation: Liposome complex

Firming Youth Cream


Wrinkles are visibly smoothen while obvious signs of skin slackening are limited. The face appears lifted & its youthful look is revived. Innovation: Plantain stem cells

Restructuring Youth Cream


Fights against visible signs of ageing, including wrinkles, even deep ones, & skin slcakening. The skin is plumper & the skin’s youth looks restored. Innovation: Root extract

Redensifying Youth Cream


Surpport skins showing signs of a loss of density and volume, focusing onsupporting the dermal redensifying of mature skin. Innovation: Uronic acid & bambara pea extract